The Silver Lines route, from which the Silver Lines company takes its name, travels from Tampere to Hämeenlinna on Mondays and from Hämeenlinna back to Tampere on Tuesdays. Our Visavuori-round routes offer a trip on a ship one way, and with a bus transportation back to the starting point the same evening. Alternatively, you may book just the one-way trip, experiencing travel between cities in more relaxed, leisurely manner 

The Silver Lines route tours from Tampere to Hämeenlinna through the beautiful scenery of Pyhäjärvi and Vanajanvesi. On the way the ship stops at Visavuori, where you have the chance to visit sculptor Emil Wikström’s artist’s home as well as his grandchild Kari Suomalainen’s renowned satirical comics art gallery.

Note that Visavuoren kierros –bus package shows in reservations, when you choose Visavuori as your destination. 

Laukontori, Tampere
1st of July – 5th of August 2024 on Mondays Klo 10.00 - 18.45 Tampere - Visavuori - Hämeenlinna

Pricing examples 

Tampere – Lempäälä € 36
Tampere – Visavuori € 47
Tampere – Hämeenlinna € 69

The pricing presented is the online-pricing. If the cruise is bought from Laukontori ticket point or from the ship, additional service fee of 2 € will be added per ticket. All rights reserved. Please pay attention to the details surrounding the status of the cruises and their departure times. The dock from which the ship departs from can be found from here. 

Lunch prices:

  • Adults: 34 €
  • Children (ages 3-12): 17 €

Visavuori-around trip with a bus transport back:

  • Adults: 88 €
  • Senior citizens: 84 €
  • Children: 44 €

The package includes the cruise from Tampere to Visavuori, the lunch and a bus back from Visavuori to Tampere.

Your journey towards Visavuori and Hämeenlinna commences at the Laukontori Harbor in Tampere where you will find m/s Silver Moon at pier number three, right next to the Kehräsaari Boutique Center.

On the Silver Lines

Along the route you get to witness Pyynikki’s and Pispala’s mighty eskers, the narrow straits of Sotkavirta at Nokia, Hattula’s old churches and the medieval castle of Hämeenlinna. 

M/S Silver Moon travels the route and is equipped with pleasant restaurant facilities and cosy environment. Take in the sights, enjoy a cool beverage, tasty food and let your mind take a break while travelling on the waves. 

Besides Visavuori, the route passes by Lepaa Winery, Lempäälä’s canal, and Eden’s and Aulanko’s Spas. Additionally, Lempäälän Myllyranta* and Vaihmalan Hovi* are just 15 minutes away from Lempäälä’s canal. 

(*A stop for groups on special orders) 

More info on Visavuori ->

Route map

Tampere - Hämeenlinna schedule

Tampere, Laukontori 10.00
Rosendahl Pier 10.15 *
Pirkkala, Rantaniitty 10.40
Nokia, Eden 11.15 *
Lempäälä 12.45
Toijala 14.30 *
Arrival at Visavuori 15.00

Departure from Visavuori 16.00
Sääksmäki bridge 16.15 *
Lepaa 17.20
Hattula 18.00 *
Aulanko 18.30
Hämeenlinna 18.45

*Stops only on preorder 

The taste of the lakes

On the M/S Silver Moon, a tasty and hearty buffet meal is served. A selection of wonderful cold appetizers and delicious warm options can be found on the table full of delicacies. We invest in the best ingredients and offer modern flavors from Finland and around the world. Enjoy the delicacies of our banquet table, made to enjoy in peace in the world’s most beautiful lake and archipelago landscapes. We recommend reserving the meals in advance. 

Tampere – Visavuori route has a hearty buffet available. 

Visavuori – Tampere route offers café-services. 

M/s Silver Moon – Menu 2024

Bread and whipped butter (available in VEG)
Crispy green salad and chervil vinaigrette (G, VEG)
Watermelon, feta and mint cream (VEG)
Seasonal pickles and fresh herbs (G, VEG)
Marinated olives, parsley, and garlic (L, G, VEG)
Semi-dried tomato, mozzarella, and basil cream (L, G)
Smoked fish, remoulade sauce, and puffed capers (M, G)
Roasted summer cabbage, chimichurri, and smoked paprika (G, L)
Crab Skagen, dill crumble, smoked sour cream and chervil (L, G)

Roasted new potatoes, brown butter, and fresh dill (L, G, available in VEG)
Overnight braised beef brisket with three-pepper sauce (L, G)
Roasted seasonal asparagus, champagne beurre blanc sauce, and almonds (G, L, available in VEG)

Vegetarian main course: Bulgur seasoned with cumin and herbs, smoked tofu, vegan aioli, and lime (VEG)

(if you would like the vegetarian main course, please write it in the additional information field when purchasing tickets)

Coffee/tea and a small sweet treat

Visavuori route

Visavuori route takes to the waves on Mondays and Tuesdays. Combine the cruise with a bus trip and take your time exploring Visavuori. 

Route schedule on Mondays (ship – bus): 

Tampere, Laukontori 10.00 

Rosendahl pier 10.15* 

Pirkkala, Rantaniitty 10.40 

Nokia, Eden 11.15* 

Lempäälä 12.45 

Toijala 14.30* 

Arrival at Visavuori at 15.00

Departure from Visavuori 16.00 

Sääksmäki Bridge 16.15* 

Lepaa 17.20 

Hattula 18.00* 

Aulanko 18.30 

Hämeenlinna 18.45