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Tampere – Virrat
Virrat – Tampere

Tampere – Visavuori – Hämeenlinna:
Tampere – Visavuori – Hämeenlinna
Hämeenlinna – Visavuori – Tampere

Mustalahti harbour, Tampere

Embark on a journey aboard the 112-year-old Tarjanne steamship from Tampere’s Mustalahti Harbor. In the nostalgic ride of Tarjanne, you can plan your holiday trip from Tampere to the northern side along the Näsi route, where you can find tips and travel highlights here.

Laukontori harbour, Tampere

The Laukontori harbor in Tampere is the departure point for the Hopealinja boats, from where you can start your adventure southwards on the waves of Lake Pyhäjärvi with your bike. For more detailed information about the Pyhä route, click here.