Enjoy the gorgeous sights of Pyhäjärvi and restaurant’s services to the tune of live music. 

Sky’s kitchen offers a delicious and plentiful buffet fitting for the scenery. 

Note: if the evening cruise doesn’t show on the calendar, check also our themed cruises behind this link. 

Laukontori, Tampere
31th of May – 31th of August 2024 On Fridays and Saturdays Klo 19.30-22.00

The cruise: 29 € /Adult, 19 € / Children age 3-12 years. 

The Dinner: 40 € / Adult, 20 € / Children age 3-12 years. 

The pricing presented is the online-pricing. If the cruise is bought from Laukontori ticket point or from the ship, additional service fee of 2 € will be added per ticket. All rights reserved. Please pay attention to the details surrounding the status of the cruises and their departure times. The dock from which the ship departs from can be found from here. 

Take a serene moment at the lake

Evening cruise takes a tour around the beautiful sceneries of Pyhäjärvi. The ship departs from the very heart of Tampere at Laukontori a mere few minute’s walk from Keskustori. Pispala Esker frames the north side of the cruise as the ship travels to and around Viikinsaari, and returns by Hatanpää Manor and Arboretum. Pyhäjärvi is at its best during summer evenings. 

Route map (in Finnish)

Dinner at the lake

M/S Silver Sky offers an excellent, plentiful buffet. The table offers a selection of exquisite cold appetizers followed up by delicious warm options. Our focus is on the best ingredients, and we offer modern flavors for your taste buds from Finland and abroad. Take in the beautiful lake- and island scenery while feasting on our buffet. 

M/S Silver Sky – Menu 2024

Bread and whipped butter (available in VEG)
Crispy green salad and chervil vinaigrette (G, VEG)
Watermelon, feta and mint cream (VEG)
Seasonal pickles and fresh herbs (G, VEG)
Marinated olives, parsley, and garlic (L, G, VEG)
Semi-dried tomato, mozzarella, and basil cream (L, G)
Smoked fish, remoulade sauce, and puffed capers (M, G)
Roasted summer cabbage, chimichurri, and smoked paprika (G, L)
Crab Skagen, dill crumble, smoked sour cream and chervil (L, G)

Roasted new potatoes, brown butter, and fresh dill (L, G, available in VEG)
Overnight braised beef brisket with three-pepper sauce (L, G)
Roasted seasonal asparagus, champagne beurre blanc sauce, and almonds (G, L, available in VEG)

Vegetarian main course: Bulgur seasoned with cumin and herbs, smoked tofu, vegan aioli, and lime (VEG)

(if you would like the vegetarian main course, please write it in the additional information field when purchasing tickets)

Coffee/tea and a small sweet treat

Dinner and a pianist

Dine at the lake while enjoying the playing of pianist Piia Kristiina. 

Having started from classical background, Piia Kristiina has developed herself in more relaxed, entertaining pianist. Her playing displays the joy of music, which she holds as the most important factor in her profession as a musician. She plays joyful old jazz, chansons, modern day pop, the Beatles, latin- and cinematic world’s melodies, semi- and full-on classical music. Throughout the evening you might catch also iconic tunes from James Bonds or even hits of metal music. 

Piia Kristiina plays without notes and happily takes on suggested songs throughout the evening. 

 On Saturday 29th of June jazz guitarist Riku Poramo takes over as the entertainment and ambience provider for the evening.