Immerse yourself in the lovely views of Lake Pyhäjärvi by taking our evening cruise. The ship’s fully licensed restaurant provides diverse services and delicious dinner service from buffet.

Laukontori Harbour, Tampere
18th May - 2nd September, 2023 From Thursdays to Saturdays Klo 19.00-21.30

Adult 27 €
Meal prices to be confirmed

Child (Ages 3-12) cruise 15 €

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Admire the setting sun

Dine on the lake and admire the sun as it sets. A delightful evening is guaranteed as the wondrous lake vistas, the warm service and the delicious food come together. When the daylight starts to fade, the city lights paint the skyline with hues that are reflected off the rippling water in unforgettable ways.

Route map (in finnish)

Services and meals

On our ship Silver Sky, we place high emphasis on locally sourced produce and ingredients and generally favor domestic materials and stock. We aspire to provide a modern Finnish cuisine especially suited to the scenery of the inland waterways with its islands and lakes. The wines for every meal come hand-picked by our in-house sommelier.

Culinary experience on waves

An utterly unforgettable feast for all your senses, Buffet-meal on the waves is a cruise where the nature and wildlife of Lake Pyhäjärvi come harmoniously together with the best Silverline cuisine. Like the consummate circle of the boat on the rippling waves, the menu is primed for perfection.

M/S Silver Sky – Evening cruise menu 2023

Crispy greens with vinaigrette (G, VEG)
Coleslaw with lime (G, VEG)
Pickled vegetables and herbs (G, VEG)
Dill-pickled cucumber (G, VEG)
Tomato, mozzarella, and basil (L, G)
Smoked fish with tartar sauce (M, G)
Herring of the day (M, G)
Prawnskagen on rye (L)
Roast beef with horseradish (L, G)
Bread and spreads (VEG, L, available G)
New potatoes with butter (L, G, available VEG)
Baked fish with dill-sour cream sauce (L, G)
Fried mushrooms with dark rhubarb sauce (G, VEG)
Roasted vegetables of the season (G, VEG)
Chef’s selection of cheeses and jam (G)
Dessert of the day

25 €