The long-awaited, longer evening cruise from Laukontori takes you through Rantaniity to see the wonderful narrows of Sotkanvirta. 

The legendary Sotkanvirta cruise is returning to the Silver Lines program by popular demand. The cruise departs from Laukontori and stops both on the outbound and inbound journeys at Pirkkala’s Rantaniity pier. The wonderful Sotkanvirta narrow is worth seeing. 

Route schedule:

Tampere, Laukontori at 18:00  

Pirkkala, Rantaniitty at 18:30 

  — Tour at Sotkanvirta — 

Pirkkala, Rantaniitty at 21:00 

Tampere, Laukontori at 21:30 



Laukontori, Tampere and Rantaniitty, Pirkkala
Sat 18.5, Fri 26.7. and Sat 24.8. on Fridays and Saturdays Klo 18.00 - 18.30 - 21.00 - 21.30

Cruise: Adult 29 €, Child (3-12 years) 15 € 

Dinner: Adult 40 €, Child (3-12 years) 20 € 

The pricing presented is the online-pricing. If the cruise is bought from Laukontori ticket point or from the ship, additional service fee of 2 € will be added per ticket. All rights reserved. Please pay attention to the details surrounding the status of the cruises and their departure times. 

From Laukontori harbour to Sotkanvirta

Sotkanvirta, located behind Nokia, is one of the narrowest points on the Tampere – Hämeenlinna route. It has traditionally been the turning point of the four-hour Pyhäjärvi cruise. On both sides of the Sotkanvirta narrow, you can see the solid coastal rocks. They were placed on the edges of Sotkanvirta in the early years of the 20th century by Russian prisoners of war, during the tsarist era. Sotkanvirta is bordered by Luoto island between Pirkkala and Nokia, which is a 68-hectare nature reserve. On the other side of the Sotkanvirta is the Viinikanniemi campsite. Sotkanvirta is a wonderful experience that will definitely be remembered. 

Lake landscapes and delicious flavours

On the M/S Silver Moon, a tasty and hearty buffet meal is served. A selection of wonderful cold appetizers and delicious warm options can be found on the table full of delicacies. We invest in the best ingredients and offer modern flavors from Finland and around the world. Enjoy the delicacies of our banquet table, made to enjoy in peace in the world’s most beautiful lake and archipelago landscapes. 

Menu 2024:

Bread and whipped butter (available in VEG)
Crispy green salad and chervil vinaigrette (G, VEG)
Watermelon, feta and mint cream (VEG)
Seasonal pickles and fresh herbs (G, VEG)
Marinated olives, parsley, and garlic (L, G, VEG)
Semi-dried tomato, mozzarella, and basil cream (L, G)
Smoked fish, remoulade sauce, and puffed capers (M, G)
Roasted summer cabbage, chimichurri, and smoked paprika (G, L)
Crab Skagen, dill crumble, smoked sour cream and chervil (L, G)

Roasted new potatoes, brown butter, and fresh dill (L, G, available in VEG)
Overnight braised beef brisket with three-pepper sauce (L, G)
Roasted seasonal asparagus, champagne beurre blanc sauce, and almonds (G, L, available in VEG)

Vegetarian main course: Bulgur seasoned with cumin and herbs, smoked tofu, vegan aioli, and lime (VEG)

(if you would like the vegetarian main course, please write it in the additional information field when purchasing tickets)

Coffee/tea and a small sweet treat