Experience Pyhäjärvi and ​​an unforgettable autumn scenery. Brunch is full with autumn flavors. A culinary experience where beautiful Järvi-Suomi and delicious food meet.

Note! Saturday 16.9. the cruise is on the M/S Silver Moon ship. You can buy tickets from this link.

Laukontori, Tampere
9.9.-14.10.2023 Saturday Klo 12.00 – 14.00
Cruise and brunch
46 € / adult
23 € / child 3-12-v

Cruise without buffet 20 €, child (3-12 v.) 10 €

Enjoy the autumn scenery

The cruise route runs through the wonderful scenery of Lake Pyhäjärvi. The ship leaves from Laukontori in the heart of Tampere, just a stone’s throw away from Keskustori. On the route you will see the world’s highest longitudinal ridge. The handsome landscapes of Pispala border the route that goes around Viikinsaari and spins near the Hatanpää Manor and Arboretum. The colors of Ruska make nature exeptionally beautiful.

M/S Silver Sky Brunch

Seasonal veggies
Roasted carrots and rosemary
Tomato and basil marinated mozzarella
Forest mushroom salad
Potatoes marinated with dill butter
Tomato-feta omelette
Game sausage and lingonberry
Ship´s Baltic herring & herrings
Caesar salad with smoked reindeer
Cheese and jam
Fresh bread and cream cheese
Granola, yoghurt and Finnish berries
Apple pie and vanilla sauce