Cruise through the beautiful lake sceneries of Finland

Our ships will give you fast and easy access to the world-famous Finnish lake nature and you will get to see the surrounding city from a new perspective. Our ships and the á la carte restaurant in Viikinsaari island in Tampere will serve you delicious Finnish food with a local twist made from fresh ingredients. With us you will always get a table with a view to the beautiful lake sceneries. 


We operate in Tampere, Hämeenlinna, Virrat, Ruovesi, Nokia, Lempäälä and many other destinations along the way.


We offer cruises on several contemporary restaurant ships and on a nostalgic steamship that was built in 1908 and renovated in years 2006–2008. Steamship Tarjanne is a real grand old dame, the only passenger steamship in the world that still operates regularly on a long distance route.


Our ships and services will provide many ways to enjoy fresh air and to see the world-famous Finnish lake sceneries, city views, beautiful countryside and green forests. Please, hop aboard!



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